What Is Bowen?

Originally developed in Australia, The Bowen Technique is a hands-on, hands-off treatment which promotes healing, pain relief and recovery of energy.  It is a holistic treatment that treats the whole body, helping to achieve balance on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.  It is suitable, safe and effective for people of all ages.

The Bowen Technique is not a form of massage.  No manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue takes place, and no force is used or needed.

The Bowen Technique is a very gentle, restorative treatment to help specific conditions.  It is easily described as being similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles.

Bowen affects the meridian system of a person (the energy system).  During a treatment the brain and the body start to communicate with each other.  Bowen moves encourage the brain to say to the body “ok what’s going on here, what do we need to do to fix this?”  The meridian channels are opened to allow the body to heal itself.

The message is subtle, the body and brain then start the healing process required by that person, essentially though the body heals itself.  The practitioner gives the body the correct information to enable this process to begin.

What Does A Treatment Involve?

The Bowen Technique comprises a thorough client consultation prior to the treatment.  The treatment involves the practitioner using his/her thumbs and fingers to make ‘rolling’ movements over soft tissue, muscle, tendons or ligaments.  Between sets of moves the practitioner leaves the room to allow a response to take effect, and the healing process begins.

During a Bowen treatment the client  usually lies on the treatment couch (unless this causes discomfort).    A treatment takes about an hour.

Usually the client experiences a deep feeling of relaxation.

The treatment is gentle, not at all painful, and treats the whole body and person.  The benefits run much deeper than simply treating aches and pains, people often report having more energy and feeling happier and better in themselves.  Thus Bowen also addresses the emotional nature of a person.

The technique does not involve any manipulation/cracking of joints.  It is extremely gentle, yet the results are long lasting, as the body fixes itself.  This is what makes this technique remarkable.

How does the Bowen Technique Work?

Bowen affects the body on many levels including those listed below…

Fascia:  Throughout the whole body is a layer of tissue known as fascia.  This covers the whole body under the skin, like being wrapped in a sheet.  As this tissue is connected across the body a Bowen move on one part of fascia has the ability to effect the body elsewhere.

Autonomic Nervous System Rebalancing
Neurons:  The nervous system is stimulated by the action of a bowen move.  This sends signals along the pathways of the nervous system and the body responds by actioning it’s natural healing system.  The autonomic nervous system controls over 80% of the bodys functions, including cardiac, respiratory, peripheral circulation, reproductive, endocrine, gastrointestinal.  The autonomic nervous system is very susceptible to stress and emotional tension.    Bowen helps to restore balance in the nervous system.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Generally 3 treatments are needed, each between 5 to 10 days apart, however, it is not uncommon for just one treatment to make a significant difference.  Many clients have a monthly treatment for relaxation and to keep them well.  Bowen is also excellent for sports people in helping to prevent and treat injuries.

What Should I Wear?

Treatments can be performed directly on the skin (keeping underwear on) or through light clothing.

What About Combining Bowen With Other Treatments?

As a rule Bowen shouldn’t be combined with other treatments.  The Bowen Technique continues working after treatment for up to 10 days. Other physical treatments interfere with it’s continuing healing action, so avoid treatments such as massage, reflexology, physiotherapy).  Bowen does work well with Homeopathy however.


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