Bowen For Anxiety

It is important to ask yourself where this is coming from.  Be honest with yourself.  Often our lives are out of balance or inconsistent with our core beliefs, the more we try to cover this up the more the anxiety will be felt.  Often anxiety is only solved make making the necessary life changes for you.  Being true to yourself and who you really are.

A course of Bowen sessions can help to manage and treat anxiety.  The body will usually respond by relaxing, this in itself can help put things into perspective.  The brain will relax into an alpha state during treatment, the same as a meditative state.  This is excellent for treating anxiety as the brain is able to relax the body.   The effects of the treatment last well beyond the treatment.

A course of 3 treatments is recommended.  During treatment I have often seen clients start to make the changes in their lives necessary to deal with the anxiety.

Other considerations:

Nutrition – Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies have a direct link on anxiety.  It is well worth having a vitamin and mineral test to check for deficiencies, these are easily corrected with a course of the correct vitamins.

Meditation / Mindfulness – much research is being done in this area with results proving that this treatment offers a drug free method of taking control of your own mind.

Human Givens Technique (Counselling) – Similarly this counselling technique focuses on re-educating the brain to how to respond to situations that typically result in your anxiety.  This technique is quick acting and very positive and focuses on the future rather than focusing on the past.

Homeopathy:  If you feel emotional issues are strongly connected to your anxiety, try homeopathy.  This will focus on you as a person and help you move through the negative emotions to work through the anxiety.

Natural supplements for anxiety:  click here to view our range of recommended supplements.

Rescue Remedy – In all its various forms (spray, drops, pastilles), the infamous rescue remedy is handy to carry with you at all times.  Great for anxiety before a presentation, meeting or any situation that causes worry.  Also good for night times.  If you struggle to get to sleep or wake with your head full of thoughts, try this.


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