Sleep Problems / Insomnia

Is a lack of sleep troubling you?  Do you have problems getting to sleep, or do you have problems waking during the night, or both?

It could quite literally be that a lack of sleep is keeping you awake! We may believe that the more stressed or exhausted we are, the better we will sleep.  This isn’t true.  The body needs good energy reserves to sleep well.  Think of the child who has become over tired, it often takes them a long time to get to sleep, or they have disturbed sleep.

Leaving going to sleep until you feel exhausted can create a downward spiral of reduced energy levels, increased stress levels, and cumulative difficulties in sleeping. For many this pattern spans months or even years.

The cycle needs to be broken.

Bowen can help the body restore itself, to rebuild the energy reserves to allow the body to sleep better.  The more fully charged the body’s batteries, the better you will sleep, this is how Bowen helps with Insomnia.

A common reaction following a bowen session is that the client  feelsl they have more energy, and sleep better.   These comments are frequent even when the reason they sought treatment had nothing to do with energy levels or insomnia.  Bowen should therefore be considered as a natural solution to insomnia, and a much healthier one than medication.

The body heals during a Bowen session, allowing the energy reserves to be built which allows the body to sleep well.  A course of 3 sessions should be had,  by which time the sleep cycle usually improves.  Then monthly treatments should be considered for overall health and wellbeing, particularly if you are leading a busy life.

Other considerations:

For the body’s battery to recharge ensure you build relaxation time into your life.  This is essential for long term health.

Nutrition:  Nutritional deficiencies can affect your ability to sleep.  Magnesium is associated with both energy levels and muscle relaxation.  We need our batteries to be charged to get good sleep, yet this mineral is often deficient as it is lost during stressful times.   It is estimated 70% of the population might be deficient in magnesium.  Have yours checked or take a supplement.  I recommend seeing a BANT registered nutritional therapist.

Epsom Salts:  These salts are magnesium sulphate.  The body absorbs magnesium well when bathing in Epsom salts, try this on alternative nights before bed.  See section on Epsom Salts.

Turn the computer off and relax before bed.  Our body’s energy field is disturbed by computers and wifi.  Allow yourself time without it before bed.

Supplements:  A range of supplements exist to help sleep… have a look at our range here.  If you’d like advice just call on 01625 400113.


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