Stress can, in small doses can be beneficial.  However prolonged stress is damaging to the body and measures should be taken to manage this.

Keep Calm and Have Bowen

Bowen calms and balances the nervous system.

During a Bowen Treatment the body enters a healing process.  This happens as the autonomic nervous system is switched from its sympathetic mode it’s parasympathetic mode, which is required for healing to happen in the body.

The importance of this in treating stress is that the autonomic nervous system controls the cardiac, respiratory, peripheral circulation, reproductive, endocrine and gastrointestinal systems.  During stressful periods these systems may not function optimally.  A bowen treatment can help the body to not only unwind and relax, but switch the nervous system into parasympathic mode and heal any symptoms of stress which are often found in these systems.

A course of 3 treatments should be had initially, then have a regular monthly treatment as maintanance to give the body a regular chance to restore itself.

How many stressed out people complain of digestive problems?  As well as focusing on food based answers to these problems it is important to also address the source of the stress and treat the body for this, maybe with a course of Bowen.  Often the digestive issues will clear as the body heals as the body de-stresses.

Also, more people are resorting to assisted conception methods for fertility.  There may be many reasons for this, but we should consider the effect of stress on the body.  As women are often trying to juggle jobs and busy lives, sometimes causing more stress than is healthy, it is important to ensure we take time to minimise the effects stress may be having on the autonomic nervous system and allow for restoration and healing.  There are many studies, particularly in Australia on the effects of Bowen on infertility.  The results are very encouraging.

Stress can wreak havoc on our hormonal systems too.  If this feels out of balance consider a course of treatments to manage the stress, the body enters the alpha healing state and the endocrine system will be given chance to rebalance.

Other Considerations

Sleep is important, particularly when stressed.  If you’re having trouble sleeping read the section on Insomnia.

Exercise:  A well known stress buster.  Ensure you are taking regular exercise.  If not do something about this, making time for exercise and time for you can often solve the problem.

Nutrition – vitamin and mineral deficiencies can contribute to anxiety, resulting in stress.  Have a nutritional therapist do an overview of your diet.  Cut down on caffeine and alcohol during periods of stress.  These are stimulants and rob the bodies energy reserves, making the stress worse in the long run as they stimulate the adrenal glands and stress is hightened.  A nutritional therapist will look at how your diet can build your energy reserves rather than deplete them.

Relaxation:  Ensure you build time into your life for regular relaxation.

Meditation / Mindfulness:   Proven to reduce stress levels.  Invest in a course and teach yourself a life skill.



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